Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) is a major subsidiary of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and involve the Exploration, Drilling, and Production of oil and gas within the State of Kuwait. All the company’s activities have impact to health, safety and environment either beneficial or adversely. The company is committed to managing the risks associated with its activities and products. Furthermore, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policy and management system has been established and designed as a comprehensive set of requirements that set a framework for management and personnel to achieve the HSE goals and target. KOC is managing resources responsibly and taking care of the environment is embedded in our organization. However, management of the air emissions is one of the approach for KOC to be complied with the company’s HSEMS and to be reduced the emissions which emitting from the facilities.

Accordingly, Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) has been developed a program entitled “Air Compliance Management Program – ACMP” in order to monitor emissions from KOC gas facilities and ensure the compliance with national/local regulations and legislations. The ACMP includes the following: collecting the data from the facilities, identifying significant sources of emissions and recommending the control measures to reduce the emissions to environment. This ACMP established with best available technology for emission reduction as well as monitoring in gas facilities. This paper highlight the strategy for air emission reduction and controlled manner for KOC gas facilities to comply the company’s requirement.

Primary Author/Presenter:
Fatemah Al-Baroud
Sr. Environmentalist
Kuwait Oil Company

Majed Al-Mutairi, Kuwait Oil Company