The daily risk landscape in hydrocarbon facilities is constantly changing due to its dynamic nature. When people operate the plant, intervene, and conduct maintenance they often introduce new hazards that can potentially adversely impact the environment. Therefore, it’s critical to provide everyone, including operations and maintenance, with a clear view of how they can reduce exposure to environmental incidents.

It starts with a better, more connected understanding of environmental risk control systems. By bringing together disparate information stored in maintenance management systems (e.g. overdue and planned maintenance, inspection data) and combine them with real-time data coming from sensors as well as operational observations, the organization can access a dynamic picture of environmental risk. When these details are made visible from a single, central, shared location, during job planning, risk assessment, and job execution phases, better operational decisions can be made to mitigate environmental risk. Everyone can know what’s happening, where it’s happening, what’s driving environmental risk – and how to respond.

► Frontline work teams can understand the potential impact of executing or delaying maintenance work to environmentally-critical equipment
► Supervisors can connect how operational work activities support environmental safety performance
► Senior leadership can monitor and report on overall safety and environmental performance

It’s time to make environmental risk exposure visible, prominent, and available for all in real-time.

Primary Author/Conference Presenter:
Ron Boyd
Product Manager – Energy
Petrotechnics, LTD
Aberdeen, UK