The success of field projects depends on the ability to generate accurate real time field data to manage the project. Appropriate tools and equipment are necessary and the training on their implementation is also a key factor. Tightly controlled conditions in a training session can bring about technical proficiency for personnel that will go to a worksite. However, once in field conditions, which tend to have less control, it is important to further analyze the training capability of personnel to have proper operational excellence.

Some techniques will require amendment, or adjustment to the certain parameters and conditions of the worksite, others will require adjustment to be able to ensure correlation with a third-party laboratory. Through field experience, this has been evaluated for various test methodologies related to onshore environmental evaluation related to onshore bioremediation. This presentation will review techniques and observations related to hydrocarbon analysis, nitrogen measurement, moisture evaluation, and determination of porosity. It is possible to evaluate and implement these established techniques in a consistent manner at workplaces and in the field with diligent preparation.

Primary Author / Conference Presenter:
Patrick Tyczynski
M-I SWACO, a Schlumberger Company
Houston, Texas, USA

John Candler, M-I SWACO, a Schlumberger Company, Houston, TX, USA