Kent Armstrong
TerraStryke Products, LLC

Presentation Date: November 17, 2022

2018 treatability evaluation implemented to identify sustainable, low-cost, low-impact biostimulation remedial strategy to address PHC contaminants in all media – soil, soil vapor, and groundwater. Amendment chosen was TPHENHANCED by TerraStryke Products, the most cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly additive. TPHENHANCED is the industry-leading proprietary blend of macro-micro-nutrients in combination with Nitrates, enhancing ecosystems nutritive capacity and respiration of indigenous microbiome under anaerobic conditions. Final solution consisted of 460-pounds TPHENHANCED blended 1:1 with water, generating a 500-gallon 12% solution. Bioamendments were gravity-fed into source zone well MW-3, immediately upgradient of UST basin over three, phased injection events, consisting of 200, 200 and 60 pounds TPHENHANCED in June 2018, and again January and March 2019.

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