Highlights & Events


    IPEC 2018 kicks off Monday, October 29th with the Welcome Reception. The Plenary Session is set for Tuesday morning, October 30th.

    50-65% NEW Presenters each year

    Exhibition & Exhibitor CASE-STUDY Showcase Session

    An unparalleled lineup of SPEAKERS and TOPICS

    Popular OPEN DISCUSSION Sessions on current issues

    Conference Opening Session & Luncheon speakers are top industry experts

    Concurrent TECHNICAL SESSIONS covering environmental issues in the following categories. Click here for the accepted Presentations-to-Date.

      WATER: Treatment & Management Strategies
      – Produced Water Treatment, Management Strategies & Practices
      – Beneficial Re-Use of Produced Water and Flowback Water
      – Hydraulic Fracturing Issues
      – Groundwater Remediation

      SOIL: Site Characterization & Remediation
      – Remediation of Brine Spills
      – In Situ Chemical Oxidation
      – Remediation of Hydrocarbon Spills from Exploration & Production
      – Remediation of Hydrocarbon Spills from Transportation & Storage
      – Site Characterization & Forensic Geochemistry

      OTHER PETROLEUM ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES – related to exploration & production; and transportation & storage
      – Legal & Regulatory Issues
      – Waste Management & Pollution Prevention
      – Risk Assessment & Risk Management
      – Air & Noise Emissions