In accordance with the Refinery Sector Rule on Benzene Fenceline Monitoring, all refineries must have their benzene fenceline monitoring equipment in place and operational no later than January 30th, 2018. What important issues do refineries need to know about before compliance?

After working with various refineries, laboratories and consultants over the past few years there are consistent problem areas noted from one facility to the next and valuable lessons to be learned. The presentation will address the importance of planning and organizing the facilities’ monitoring program and what road blocks to consider while preparing the monitoring schedule. Each refinery receives a detailed laboratory report every 2 weeks with several data points and those data points quickly add up. The presentation also covers how the data is currently tracked and where the industry is headed in regards to keeping up with their data. While the chosen technology of passive sampling tubes is robust, there are key guidelines to follow to ensure the integrity of each sample. Important information about proper tube handling by Field Technicians is also addressed.

Primary Author/Conference Presenter:
Jesse Miller
General Manager
Houston, Texas