Primary Author / Conference Presenter:
John Bourdon
Chief Technology Officer
Streamline Innovations Inc.
San Antonio, Texas, USA

Dr. Peter Photos
Streamline Innovations, Inc.,


Co-Author: Hailey Brown, Streamline Innovations, Inc.

Note — This paper covers a new Redox technology that affects H2S removal from natural gas, environmental emissions, and advanced automation and controls. Several important topics for this conference. We have successful plants operating in Southern and Western Texas that will be discussed.

Abstract — The use of reduction-oxidation (REDOX) chemistries to eliminate hydrogen sulfide from natural gas provides a number of advantages over scavenger and amine-based processes, but the commercialization of REDOX chemistries have previously been limited due to significant operational and economic challenges. The recent rise of new chelants, surfactants, and low-cost computing devices have provided the opportunity for a new approach to REDOX that eliminates many of the operational challenges seen with previous technologies. Here, we present the development and commercialization of the Valkyrie™ Process, which employs new chemistries and advanced control systems to remove hydrogen sulfide from natural gas at size scales ranging from single wells to entire fields. These new additional technologies augment the REDOX process and impart an operationally sustainable and commercially attractive alternative to standard H2S removal technologies.