Site Assessment for Oil and Gas Facilities and Associated Infrastructure

Tim Graham
Manager, Environmental HSE Corporate
Chesapeake Energy
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Morgan Hager
VP Health, Safety, Environment and Regulatory
Chesapeake Energy
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Clarise Ashworth, Chesapeake Energy; Cassi Moore, Chesapeake Energy, Morgan Hager, Chesapeake Energy

A high-level overview of best management practices to avoid Waters of the United States, threatened and endangered species, and cultural resources when siting, planning, and constructing oil and gas facilities and associated infrastructure. The presenters will discuss how to evaluate sensitive receptors utilizing Federal and State databases, best management practices, and third-party vendors to avoid or minimize impacts to the identified resources when conducting ground disturbance activities. The presentation (or discussion) will also cover relevant permitting options, best practices to ensure compliance, the current regulatory climate and ongoing court rulings affecting the Clean Water and Endangered Species Acts, including Section 404 and associated Nationwide permits frequently used in oil and gas operations.