It all starts with positive leaders.

Positive leaders create positive institutions and thriving communities. Positive leaders skillfully undertake purposeful action that evokes positive reactions from others with the goal to make progress toward a common goal. At Positive Leadership, we define leadership as the activity of engaging oneself and others in order to align the factors necessary to thrive.

Viewing leadership as an activity frees it from the confines of organizational and corporate contexts and makes it accessible to everyone. Like any activity, leadership can be done at various levels of performance and one’s performance can be enhanced with knowledge and practice. It’s about getting oneself in the right mindset in order to put the right things into motion that bring about the best possible results.
The purpose of our Positive Leadership course is to equip you to cultivate and hone the practice of leadership in your life, so that you – and the things that matter most to you – can thrive.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will have:
● Deepened understanding and ability to practice positive leadership to produce greater thriving at individual, group, and community levels;
● Increased practical knowledge of the seven capacities of positive leadership, how they interrelate and how to apply them in real-world situations to produce positive outcomes;
● Ability to apply key concepts to identify and align the necessary factors to achieve thriving in the workplace and beyond;
● Ability to utilize program tools strategically to optimize one’s own engagement and performance and to positively influence the engagement of others.

The Introduction to Positive Leadership course is composed of three virtual weekly 2-hour sessions held on Thursdays from 1:30pm-3:30pm (Central) supplemented with suggested reading materials and additional light homework exercises designed to enhance learning.

Suggested Reading: Adam, Seaman, POSITIVE LEADERSHIP (e-book).


Session 1: February 29, 2024:
Introduction to Key Concepts
■ What is Positive Leadership?
■ Leadership vs. Authority
■ Leadership is an Activity
■ The Three Principles of Positive Leadership: Engagement, Alignment and Thriving
■ The Five Steps of Leadership
■ The Seven Capacities of Positive Leadership
Capacity 1: Authenticity
■ Authenticity Begins with Self
■ Authenticity vs. Sincerity
■ How Authenticity Increases Engagement
■ The Four Rooms of Authenticity
■ Authenticity Inhibitors
■ Authenticity and the Five Steps of Leadership
Capacity 2: Purpose
■ Purpose and Positive Progression
■ Primary, Personal and Situational Purpose
■ Practicing Purpose: Discern, Articulate, Fulfill
■ Purpose as a Leadership Capacity
■ Purpose, Outcomes and Methods (POM)
■ Purpose Inhibitors
■ Purpose and the Five Steps of Leadership
Session 2: March 7, 2024
Capacity 3: Advocacy
■ Declaring What Matters
■ Advocacy as a Leadership Capacity
■ Exploring Your Advocacy Focus
■ Building a Strong Advocacy Platform
■ The Four Building Blocks of Advocacy
■ Advocacy Inhibitors
■ Advocacy and the Five Steps of Leadership
Capacity 4: Resilience
■ Bouncing Back
■ The Capacity to Demand Ratio
■ Resilience and Limits
■ Inner Resilience
■ Your Battery
■ Resilience as a Leadership Capacity
■ Life Cycle of Organizations (and Individuals)
■ Traction, Distraction and Action
■ The Three Building Blocks of Resilience
■ Resilience Inhibitors
■ Resilience and the Five Steps of Leadership
Capacity 5: Community Building
■ Optimizing the Engagement of Others
■ Community Building as a Leadership Capacity
■ Stages of a Community
■ The Cycles of Growth and Decline
■ Community vs. Place of Association
■ Community Decline and Renewal
■ Community Building and the Five Steps of Leadership
Session 3: March 14, 2024
Capacity 6: Reason
■ Listening to Reality
■ Our Relationship with Reality
■ Directing Your Reason
■ The Distinction Between Reality and Perception
■ Reason as a Leadership Capacity
■ Reasonable Leadership vs. Authority
■ Reason vs. Avoidance
■ Reason as the Path to an Improved Reality
■ Reason and the Five Steps of Leadership
Capacity 7: Gratitude
■ The Generative Force of Renewal
■ Gratitude as a Leadership Capacity
■ Gateways to Gratitude
■ Gratitude and the Five Steps of Leadership
Conclusions and Reflection:
Applying the Positive Leadership Principles to Your Life


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