Use of models to estimate exposures is a valuable approach for risk assessors in situations where exposures cannot be readily measured, such as process or storage tank exposure situations. Modeling can also help to characterize an exposure scenario when it is infeasible to measure the exposures of all potentially impacted people under all potential exposure conditions. IH MOD is a freely available and commonly used Microsoft Excel®-based tool developed by the Exposure Assessment Strategies Committee of AIHA. IH MOD simplifies the process of running many useful industrial hygiene models. IH MOD has recently been updated to incorporate Monte Carlo simulation techniques which allow the user to account for uncertainty and variability in the input parameters. This presentation will provide an brief overview of the capabilities of IH MOD 2.0 and a demonstration of how to use the tool to estimate exposures in a variety of case study scenarios. Case studies will include:
Modeling of evaporation of a hazardous agent from a chemical spill,
and modeling of a vapor leak from outdoor process equipment.

Primary Author / Conference Presenter:
Charlie Koch
Sr. EH&S Advisor
CK Solutions LLC
Denver, Colorado, USA