Leaks can happen at any time during the life of a fluid filled containment or delivery system. Electric Leak Location (ELL) is a highly successful and non-invasive technology for locating any potential leaks and associated subsurface plumes. These geophysical methods are all performed from the ground surface, safely and quickly imaging the area for evidence of leak events. Poor installation procedures, improper usage, environmental factors, age, and repeated stress from regular use can cause any system to break, tear, or fail. For over thirty years HGI has deployed electrical methods to help locate these problem areas to help avoid shutdowns, regulatory fines, environmental concerns and potential remediation costs. The electrical methods are based on the premise that electrical current will flow through the same pathways that the leaking solution will flow. This proven technology has been deployed for permanent leak detection systems to unpredicted emergency leak events. This presentation will focus on the different ELL methodologies, present example projects, discuss limitations, and the benefits of early warning systems.

Primary Author / Conference Presenter:
Brian Cubbage
Sr. Project Manager
Houston, Texas, USA

Website: www.hgiworld.com