New, emerging, or re-emerging characterization and remediation tools provide the science and engineering to radically transform environmental remediation, while the explosive growth of data science capabilities provides the technology to automate and democratize these scientific tools.
What has been lacking to date is one aggregation tool to centralize the results of the many analytical tools available, and to automate management, analysis, reporting and visualizations in one scientific decision support system (DSS). Our work focused on the development and delivery of such a cloud-based system using data from multiple industries representing clients and consultants from small to large-scale. We will focus on key features, such as web portal access and integrated field data collection and networking with instant field QA/QC, and lessons learned, such as client support and training, historical data, and cost reductions.

Primary Author / Conference Presenter:
Michael Hawthorne
Principal/Vice President
GEI Consultants
Denver, Colorado, USA

Lisa Reyenga, GEI Consultants, Inc., Denver, CO