Selecting an enclosed combustion solution for the Oil & Gas industry is a complex process that involves various environmental and operational requirements unique to each application. Selecting the correct equipment can translate into decreased capital and operational costs by preventing over-designing or under-designing. Equipment includes Enclosed flares & Vapor Combustor and Thermal oxidizers. Enclosed flares typically operate at around 98% destruction efficiency. Vapor combustors can maintain higher temperatures in the chamber, which allow them to maintain a destruction efficiency of up to 99.9%. Residence time is typically around 0.7 seconds for these types of combustors. Thermal oxidizers are extremely effective to reach higher levels of destruction efficiency and lower emissions. A recuperative thermal oxidizer is a variation of a direct thermal oxidizer that incorporates heat recovery into the design Catalytic thermal oxidizers utilize a catalytic bed to promote oxidation, lowering the temperature required to oxidize the process gas. Regenerative thermal oxidizers are used for applications where the combustible concentration is below 3% of the lower explosive limit

In this session, Anu Vij, COO of Ship & Shore Environmental, Inc. will provide guidance for selecting a combustion system, in which emissions and destruction efficiency are the primary criteria. He will review existing technology, discuss the fuel efficiencies of each type of oxidizer and help attendees determine the best kind based on their current needs. He will review decision factors in the selection process and make recommendations that prioritize process-gas composition, followed by emissions, and finally fuel efficiency and capital costs

Primary Author / Conference Presenter:
Anu Vji
Chief Operating Officer
Ship & Shore Environmental, Inc.
Signal Hill, California, USA