According to S. Mitsch, a certified professional coach, “what employees need most is training in effective communication, team building, diversity and leadership.”


An article in the Tulsa World, “Smart bosses will value training”, written by Carol Kleiman of the Chicago Tribune, reads in part:

“Because of tight economic times, many businesses have frozen employee salaries, eliminated perks and bonuses and even put promotions on hold. But there’s one area that the best and the brightest of employers hesitate to cut back on: employee training. And it’s a very wise decision…. It illustrates that companies understand the importance of investing in their people….”

“Career development is an asset for companies, even those looking to cut their budgets, because with it, good employees will stay – and the company that offers it will continue to grow and be on the leading edge….”

“Employers should offer employee development in order to remain competitive, to enhance the company’s performance, to increase customer satisfaction and to reduce turnover.”

The University of Tulsa’s ELITE Leadership Institute is a perfect match to the ‘WHAT’ training S. Mitsch says is needed most and to the ‘WHY’companies should make this investment.


ELITE’s Leadership Development Process underscores both the tangible assets and intangible benefits/assets of both the high-potential leader and the organization.

ELITE focuses on delivering RESULTS:
The company-focused projects, when implemented, have been proven to reduce costs, save time, and increase productivity; thus adding value to the tangible assets of companies. These include:
Increased Profits: $500 million transaction – new drilling opportunities
Reduced Costs: Thousands of dollars saved per well site by an idea generated by an ELITE student
Saved Time: Implementing a procedure change in handling customer’s questions and requests

Businesses also highly value intangible benefits/assets which consist of engagement, alignment, and high-performance. In fact a Harvard Business Review (2004) paper noted that such assets “are worth far more to many companies than their tangible assets”. Some of the intangibles recognized by the ELITE Leadership Institute are employee increased morale and self-esteem; improved judgment and decision-making capabilities; and leadership competence.

ELITE gives organizations an avenue to ‘IMPACT’ the intangibles to create tangibles.