The University of Tulsa’s ELITE Leadership Institute is for engineers, technical professionals and those working in the operations of companies who are targeted for next level executive leadership and managerial roles. It is designed for:

  • The ones who make a long-term commitment to their own personal and professional development, as well as seeing the importance of building up team members and peers for the greater good.
  • The ones who approach situations, problems, challenges, and opportunities with an open mind and awareness and who enjoy understanding new ways of accomplishing things.
  • The ones who capitalize on feedback received to maximize the benefits from their various experiences.
  • The ones seeking new skills and knowledge to better themselves and those around them.
  • The ones who are present, focused, high-performers, and committed to the process.

ELITE prepares them for their new responsibilities by giving them new skill sets and tools which an effective executive/leader needs to know and understand.