Drones, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), are being utilized across many industries as a safer and more efficient data-collection platform. GES will present information on how the use of UAV can enhance site functions such as asset management, equipment inspection, environmental management, and process engineering in the oil and gas sector. By combining UAV-mounted sensor types such as visual light, thermal, LiDAR, laser gas detection, and magnetometers, improved levels of project insight can be achieved, allowing for faster communication and doubtless decision-making. GES will present use-cases demonstrating benefits gained by incorporating drone-derived data into traditional practices. For example, thermal imaging can be used to measure the fill level of many aboveground storage tanks more rapidly and safely than conducting it on foot. Incorporating UAV services into your workflows enables you to keep pace with innovation. GES will provide details on the evolving regulatory environment surrounding UAV, including the current state of UAV detection and countermeasure technology. GES will present topics for discussion on the macro-trend of innovative technology adoption and the greatly improved perspectives that are gained from using this solution-oriented tool.

Primary Author / Conference Presenter:
Dan Bochicchio
Staff Environmental Professional, sUAS Services Developer
Exton, Pennsylvania, USA