Drilling and Completions Session #3 will focus on how the states and industry have evolved to meet the challenges created by the unconventional development, the new normal. With this exciting new technology, some older approaches needed to be updated to remain fit for purpose. This discussion will look through legislative and regulatory changes that have allowed new drilling and completions technology to progress safely, and assure protection for workers, local communities, the environment, USDWs, non-producing zones, and more. Drilling and Completions Session #3 will focus on the challenges the states and industry needed to solve in the unconventional drilling environment, and different approaches taken to meet those challenges, including discussion of challenges that haven’t yet been fully addressed. It is highly recommended that Drilling and Completions Sessions #1, #2 and #3 be taken as a prerequisite to subsequent sessions by George King for well integrity.

Primary Author / Conference Presenter:
Jesse Sandlin
Noble Energy
Denver, Colorado, USA