From Rocks to Drill Bits: The Essentials of the Oil Field
(online only course)

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From the history of fossil fuels to where we are today in the oil and gas industry (and where the future is leading us), this short course will help you understand it all better by providing an overall perspective of the petroleum industry. It is designed for any non-technical employee working in or interested in the oil and gas industry, as it helps them understand their role and how it relates to the complex industry in which they work. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Administrative Support Employees
  • Exhibit Booth Personnel
  • Lease Analysts
  • Attorneys
  • Accountants
  • Marketing/Sales
  • GeoTechs
  • Finance Personnel
  • Managers
  • New Hires who may be coming from outside the industry
  • Computer Programmers
  • Interns
  • Human Resources Personnel


Kristie Luchtel Ferguson

Evaluations are coming in from folks who have completed the training, and here is what some are saying:
“I learned way more than I expected. I’m very pleased that I can apply knowledge gained from the course on the job.”
“What I liked most is that it covers everything from the first well ever drilled to current production.”
“I forgot at times I was watching the class on-line. The instructor is engaging, funny, and one of the most knowledgeable people about the industry.”

Delivery Method & Other Course Information: On-line, Take-at-your-own-pace. The course has approximately 14 hours of recorded lecture and videos. In addition, there are 6 quizzes of 10 questions each that are inserted throughout the course. Participants will be sent a Rock and Mineral Kit for individual hands-on demonstration purposes. It is recommended you receive this rock and mineral kit before starting the course. Please note: We regret that we are unable to ship the rock and mineral kit to participants with non-USA addresses. However, the rocks and minerals are displayed beautifully on screen in this online course. Upon completion of the course, all participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from The University of Tulsa, Continuing Education for Science & Engineering Department. Participants have 3 months to complete the program. If more time is needed, the login and password will be re-issued for a $100 administrative fee.

Course Topics

  • Where oil comes from: source rocks vs reservoir rocks and geologic time
  • How sedimentary rocks form, deform and trap oil
  • The source of hydrocarbons in terms of organic matter, hydrocarbon composition, crude oils and natural gas
  • How geologists map the subsurface
  • Seismic sources, receivers, and applications of data
  • Mineral rights and leases, settling surface damages, gyros and locks and how to start to turn to the right
  • The basics of how to drill the well: rigs and contractors, rotary rigs, how to make a connection
  • When things don’t go perfect: fishing and pressure
  • Methods of evaluating the well while drilling: mud logging, coring rocks from the well, wireline logging
  • What is involved in completing a well: setting the pipe, cement, and completions
  • How we’ve gone from conventional to unconventional: resource plays, geochemistry
  • Why and how to drill horizontal wells: completion terms, why frac, how the US and the world have changed
  • Production: pumping money out of the ground, artificial lift, downstream, and gas marketing


  • 14 PDHs (Professional Development Hours)
  • 1.4 CEUs (Continuing Education Credits)

In order to be awarded the full credit hours and receive a Certificate of Completion, you must successfully complete all chapters and quizzes.

If you are needing an overall perspective of the petroleum industry in order to become more knowledgeable, productive, and confident in your job…sign up for this course today!

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