Eric J. Lundy
Sr. Environmental Remediation Lead
DeepEarth Technologies, Inc.

Presentation Date: April 20, 2023

Although the remediation industry is continuously searching for new methods to clean-up contaminated sites or for new chemistry to convert pollutants to non-toxic byproducts, sometimes we find that heretofore undiscovered characteristics of proven processes, might be lurking right in front of our nose. Such was the serendipitous artifact discovered when DeepEarth Technologies Inc’s., chemists were conducting a forensic search to discover why the Cool-Ox® in- situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) process apparently provided corrosion protection to ferrous metals. And, that the manifestation was so basic that it had been hidden in plain sight ever since water had been distributed by iron pipes.
Here’s a clue: Any plumber knows that hard water scale will build up in pipes where the pH of the groundwater is hovering on the basic side (pH >7) of the pH scale and that erosion (dissolution) of iron will occur when the pH of the transported water is less than seven (pH<7). This truism is so widespread that it has built an industry to supply plumbers and homeowners with mildly acidic compounds to dissolve and rid themselves of hard water scale.
The presentation will “walk” you through the everyday fun and practical side of chemistry and provide you with numerous case histories of industrial applications.

BIO:  Eric J. Lundy

After more than a decade as DeepEarth Technologies, Inc.’s Senior Field Application Specialist, Eric stepped up to the critical role of Environmental Remediation Lead. Utilizing his broad technical field application knowledge coupled with his skill at remedial site design, project management, estimating, consulting and health and safety, Eric has implemented over 250 soil and groundwater remedial applications. These include a variety of projects ranging from the well head to retail service stations (in the oil industry), to petrochemical plants, Brownfields, MGP sites and agrichemical manufacturers and more. Contaminants confronted include hydrocarbons, halogenated compounds, brine, coal tar, and herbicides/pesticides, to name a few. Eric is an alumnus of Bemidji State University.

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