Scott Meier, Sr.Geologist, ALL Consulting, LLC

IPEConnect PRESENTATION DATE: October 10, 2024

This presentation outlines and describes the best practices and potential pitfalls for managing remediation and reclamation of oil and gas leases on state lands in New Mexico. We deconstruct and explain each phase of the process from initial planning through interfacing with regulatory agencies, developing written project plans, and discussion of our critical elements in the optimal approach. Priority is placed on the technical methodology as well as project management techniques to meet state requirements in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Scott Meier is a Senior Geologist with ALL Consulting, LLC in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has over 10 years of experience in the environmental industry with projects ranging from site remediation/reclamation and regulatory compliance to subsurface investigation, hydrogeological testing, and expert litigation support. Mr. Meier has an M.S. and B.S. in Geology from Oklahoma State University and Arkansas Tech University, respectively and is a registered Professional Geologist in seven (7) states.

As the fastest growing development area in the Permian Basin, production in the Delaware Basin of NM area faces increasing regulatory pressure. Attendees will learn about the regulatory drivers, technical applications, and project management techniques required to successfully navigate the complex and nuanced process of remediation and reclamation on state lands in New Mexico. An understanding of these mechanics can increase remediation/reclamation efficiency, reduce project cost, and promote good relations with regulatory agencies.

When managed incorrectly or inefficiently, remediation and reclamation projects can be a double-edged financial burden during acquisitions. When lease acquisitions are made, the new operator assumes responsibility for all out-of-compliance facilities. NMSLO can withhold lease transfers and place conditions on production until all facilities are brought into compliance. Therefore, time lost during the reclamation process may result in the loss of substantial operating revenue. This potential loss is compounded by any mistakes that occur during remediation and reclamation, which prolong the process and increase capital expenses.

• Remediation Specialists
• Environmental Consultants
• Land Acquisition Specialists and Land Managers
• Operations Managers
• EHS Professionals
• Operators who are active or planning to work in southeast New Mexico