Since its inception, the world of permitting waters of the U.S. has been a constantly changing one. From trying to define exactly what constitutes a water of the U.S. to maneuvering evolving permitting methodology, anyone subject to the rules of Section 404 of the Clean Water Act would be forgiven for becoming exasperated with the process. Although navigating Section 404 permitting can be cumbersome, the federal government has made attempts to simplify the process for most types of oil and gas projects. This presentation will report on current changes to Section 404 regulations and how they will affect permitting for oil and gas operators. In addition, we will discuss best management practices that can help steer your project toward a better solution…before the project gets into trouble. We will also examine the various approaches from real world examples that can be used in the planning process and the most useful construction methodologies that can help keep pipeline and facility projects on track.

Primary Author / Conference Presenter:
Peter McKone
Senior Project Director
Weaver Consultants Group
Fort Worth, Texas, USA
Weaver Consultants Group