Optimized Site Investigations Utilizing HRSC High Resolution Subsurface Imaging Data with Portable GC for Speciation and Quantification

Janet L. Castle
PG, President
Eagle Synergistic

Presentation Date: April 20, 2023

On contaminated sites, even if there are potential multiple releases, advanced site characterization, (HRSC), has proven helpful with subsurface imaging technologies. HRSC, such as the Optical Image Hydraulic Profiling Tool (OIHPT) System for detection and delineation of polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and the Membrane Interface Hydraulic Profiling Tool, (MIHPT) for detection and delineation of VOCs, and the Groundwater Profiler/Sampler, (GWS/P), assisting in delineation for PFAs, can optimize the investigation phase and help produce highly accurate CSM. This talk includes case studies and 3D models which will highlight the application of HRSC along with an added lab grade portable gas chromatograph, (GC), for further correlation with HRSC and analytical data. Case studies will include benefits and results of utilizing advanced real time technologies.

Janet Castle is a PG with over 20 years of experience as a geologist, geophysicist and petrophysicist. She has developed optimized strategies for various types of sites, including Superfund, EPA, O&G, and DOD sites. She is actively engaged in the rapidly evolving world of PFAS science and regulations. Education is in geophysics and petroleum geology at University of Houston and Colorado School of Mines. Her company’s focus is to assist with optimizing subsurface data utilizing cutting edge scientific technologies.

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