Kensi Jackson, Environmental Consultant, Trinity Consultants

IPEConnect PRESENTATION DATE: November 7, 2024

The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality has several air permitting pathways for facilities within the oil and gas industry. This presentation will briefly cover the different permit options available to facilities as well as Oklahoma specific guidance for air permitting in the oil and gas industry. Information will include recent updates to Oklahoma permits tailored specifically for oil and gas facilities. Oklahoma’s stance on federal hot topics as they pertain to air permitting will briefly be discussed as well.

Mrs. Jackson is a consultant in Trinity’s Tulsa office and has been with Trinity for 7 years. Her experience includes assisting clients with multimedia permit applications and environmental compliance. Mrs. Jackson has worked extensively with various industries with a focus on oil and gas facilities within Oklahoma.

Attendees will learn the options for air permitting oil and gas facilities within Oklahoma. Awareness of permitting requirements and options could potentially save companies money by preventing non-compliance. While the focus will primarily be on Oklahoma, knowledge of how different states handle air permitting is useful for individuals that handle sites across many states.

Environmental professionals within the oil and gas industry in Oklahoma that are responsible for air permitting at their facilities.